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J Exp Biol (2019) 222 (9): jeb197954.
Published: 30 April 2019
... indicator of recovery from trauma in animals. Cardiorespiratory interaction Autonomic nervous system Polyvagal theory Myelination Recovery Although the vertebrate heart has an intrinsic pacemaker, the rate and force of contraction are modulated by the inputs from the autonomic nervous...
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J Exp Biol (2019) 222 (8): jeb198812.
Published: 15 April 2019
... in the tank was then incrementally reoxygenated to test recovery. Individuals spent 5 min at each new DO level before flash stimuli were initiated. A set of five flashes was given at normoxia and the two moderate hypoxia levels, and four sets of five flashes were given during severe hypoxia with 10 min...
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J Exp Biol (2018) 221 (14): jeb164806.
Published: 23 July 2018
... chronic cold stress and recovery in the chill susceptible beetle (Alphitobius diaperinus) . Comp. Biochem. Physiol. A. Mol. Integr. Physiol.   160 , 63 - 67 . 10.1016/j.cbpa.2011.05.003 Colinet , H. and Hance , T. ( 2009 ). Male reproductive potential of Aphidius colemani (Hymenoptera...
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J Exp Biol (2016) 219 (11): 1760–1771.
Published: 1 June 2016
... the recovery of walking in Drosophila melanogaster following leg amputation. Whereas flies pre-amputation explore open arenas in a symmetric fashion on average, foreleg amputation induces a strong turning bias away from the side of the amputation. However, we find that unbiased walking behavior returns over...
Includes: Supplementary data
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J Exp Biol (2015) 218 (21): 3360–3363.
Published: 1 November 2015
... Recoil Recovery Animals moving through natural habitats commonly encounter compliant substrates ( Demes et al., 1995 ; Gilman et al., 2012 ; Gilman and Irschick, 2013 ), which yield when subjected to force, resulting in the absorption of mechanical energy. While some substrates, such as mud...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2010) 213 (24): 4146–4150.
Published: 15 December 2010
...Hervé Colinet; Siu Fai Lee; Ary Hoffmann SUMMARY To protect cells from the damaging effects of environmental stresses, all organisms possess a universal stress response involving upregulation of heat shock proteins (Hsps). The mechanisms underlying chilling injuries and the subsequent recovery...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2010) 213 (5): 820–830.
Published: 1 March 2010
... able to sustain this level of under hypoxia, and the recovery of (as compared with initial values under oxygenated conditions) was significantly improved (94% vs 83%). These data show that acclimation to hypoxia has a direct effect on cod myocardial function and/or physiology, and suggest that the cod...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2008) 211 (20): 3237–3248.
Published: 15 October 2008
... ), temperature and lactate levels on PCr recovery in vivo . High-intensity exercise resulted in a significantly lower pH i compared with hypoxia exposure and the rate of PCr depletion and tissue acidification during hypoxia exposure was significantly higher in carp held at 25°C compared with those at 15°C...
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J Exp Biol (2007) 210 (11): 1935–1943.
Published: 1 June 2007
... in Astronotus ocellatus to investigate the cellular mechanisms behind hypoxia-induced metabolic depression and recovery. RoMR was significantly depressed, by approximately 50%, when dissolved oxygen levels reached 10%saturation (0.67±0.01 mg l –1 at 28±1°C). This depression in RoMR was accompanied by a 50–60...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2006) 209 (9): 1765–1776.
Published: 1 May 2006
... in the rainbow trout cell line RTHDF and study the effect of (i) serum stimulation, (ii) sodium azide (chemical anoxia) and removal of azide (recovery) and (iii) anoxia ( P O 2<0.1%) and recovery. During both chemical and true anoxia p44ERK was inhibited and recovery resulted in robust reactivation of p44ERK...
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J Exp Biol (2004) 207 (26): 4615–4621.
Published: 15 December 2004
...Ghazala Raja; Sally Mills; T. Norman Palmer; Paul A. Fournier SUMMARY It is not clear whether the amount of accumulated lactate is the main factor limiting muscle glycogen accumulation during recovery from an intense sprint performed by previously active fasted laboratory rats. To address...
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J Exp Biol (2004) 207 (23): 4045–4056.
Published: 1 November 2004
...,such as metabolic recovery following burst contractions, will be significantly impeded in the large white fibers. In addition, dark aerobic fibers of adults,which rely on aerobic metabolism for both contraction and recovery, grow as large as the white fibers. These large aerobic fibers are subdivided, however,thus...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2004) 207 (21): 3775–3784.
Published: 1 October 2004
... and following 1 h recovery from 12, 24 and 30 h forced dives at 17°C. During a dive, expression of all three Hsps examined remained at control levels for at least 12 h in all tissues examined except the liver, where Hsp72 showed a decrease at 12 h, reaching a significant threefold decrease by 24 h. Brain...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2004) 207 (4): 655–665.
Published: 1 February 2004
... performance was assessed, and recovery of cardiac performance was measured after exposure to a standardised 20-min period of anoxia. During anoxia, P in was gradually raised to, but not above, 0.25 kPa in an attempt to maintain routine Q̇ . If 0.25 kPa was insufficient, flow was allowed to decline...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2004) 207 (3): 427–435.
Published: 22 January 2004
... be susceptible to noise-induced stress and hearing loss. * Author for correspondence (e-mail: mesmith@umd.edu ) 20 10 2003 © The Company of Biologists Limited 2004 2004 threshold shift hearing noise cortisol glucose ABR recovery fish Carassius auratus Sound...
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J Exp Biol (2003) 206 (18): 3253–3260.
Published: 15 September 2003
... required to return to their routine level of oxygen consumption (recovery time) and the total oxygen cost of swimming to U crit . Following exhaustion at U crit ,recovery time was 42–78 min, depending upon the fish stock. The recovery times are several-fold shorter than previously reported for juvenile...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2003) 206 (13): 2159–2166.
Published: 1 July 2003
... recovery periods and irrespective of muscle fibre compositions. The impact of repeated bouts of high-intensity exercise on plasma levels of fatty acids, acetoacetate and β-hydroxybutyrate suggests that the metabolic state of the rat prior to the second and third bouts of exercise was different from...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2003) 206 (2): 303–311.
Published: 15 January 2003
...Michelle Anne Scott; Marius Locke; Leslie Thomas Buck SUMMARY Expression of Hsp73 and Hsp72 in four tissues of the naturally anoxia-tolerant western painted turtle ( Chrysemys picta ) was investigated in response to a 24 h forced dive and following 1 h recovery. Of the tissues examined, brain...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2002) 205 (21): 3413–3422.
Published: 1 November 2002
... subjects, whereas it is highly significant in African women. * Author for correspondence (e-mail: giovanni.cavagna@unimi.It ) 12 7 2002 © The Company of Biologists Limited 2002 2002 locomotion walking recovery energy expenditure human During each step of walking...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2001) 204 (19): 3389–3399.
Published: 1 October 2001
... to determine the amount of time required to restore mechanosensitivity to desensitized bone cells in vivo by manipulating the recovery time (0, 0.5, 1, 2, 4 or 8 h) allowed between four identical daily loading bouts. We also investigated the osteogenic effectiveness of shorter-term recovery periods, lasting...