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Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2018) 221 (1): jeb165191.
Published: 11 January 2018
... rh2 opsins had duplicated. The current study has taken an opsin expression approach to characterize visual plasticity in cod towards different spectral light during the larval stage, to maturation and extreme seasonal changes in the Barents Sea. Our data suggest that opsin plasticity in cod larvae...
Includes: Supplementary data
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J Exp Biol (2016) 219 (4): 571–581.
Published: 15 February 2016
... (designated control salinity) and were then exposed to 10, 30, 40 or 50 ppt either chronically (days 1–15) or only on days 1–6, 7–9, 10–12 or 13–15. On day 15, maturity was assessed and morphometric characteristics, including mass, total body length, tail length and width, length of the third swimming...
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J Exp Biol (2011) 214 (17): 2903–2910.
Published: 1 September 2011
...José Pablo Vázquez-Medina; José Guadalupe Soñanez-Organis; Jennifer M. Burns; Tania Zenteno-Savín; Rudy M. Ortiz SUMMARY Maturation in hooded seals is characterized by the rapid development of their physiological diving capacity and is accompanied by increases in oxidant production...
Includes: Supplementary data
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J Exp Biol (2008) 211 (6): 837–843.
Published: 15 March 2008
... (e-mail: [email protected] ) 7 1 2008 © The Company of Biologists Limited 2008 2008 skeletal muscle isometric stress growth maturation myofibril desmin Postnatal growth of skeletal muscle in mammals occurs rapidly and continues until adulthood. Rodent studies show...
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J Exp Biol (2004) 207 (15): 2539–2550.
Published: 1 July 2004
... associated with training/increased activity and sexual maturation. Further, there is evidence that rearing fish under intensive aquaculture conditions significantly alters some, but not all,aspects of cardiac anatomy and physiology. This review focuses on the responses of cardiac physiology and anatomy...