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J Exp Biol (2021) 224 (12): jeb239269.
Published: 18 June 2021
... their habitat is unknown. Many marine organisms are found in intertidal zones where they experience episodes of emersion (air exposure) daily as the tide rises and recedes. During episodes of emersion, the accumulation of metabolic carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) leads to hypercapnia for many species. How this...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2020) 223 (16): jeb222703.
Published: 24 August 2020
... measured using a respirometric system fitted with propellers in opposite walls to generate bidirectional water flow. The choice of shell size when a large array of sizes are available was consistent with the shell size used in different intertidal sites; hermit crabs chose heavier conical shells in water...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2018) 221 (19): jeb181008.
Published: 01 October 2018
... these areas. Here, we examined thermal limits, performances for heart rate and plasticity in metabolic rate of the intertidal shrimp Betaeus emarginatus from seven populations along its latitudinal range (∼3000 km). The distribution of this species encompass two breaks along the southeastern Pacific...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2015) 218 (12): 1822–1833.
Published: 01 June 2015
... of the intertidal environment drive the rhythmic coupling of gene expression to diel and tidal cycles in Mytilus californianus . Second, we discuss the challenges and pitfalls of conducting transcriptomic studies in field-acclimatized animals. Third, we examine the link between transcriptomic...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2014) 217 (12): 2101–2109.
Published: 15 June 2014
... Intertidal Respiration Thermal stress Mass transfer limitation Given the fluctuating nature of intertidal zones, marine biologists have had long-standing interests in the degree to which environmental variation influences the distribution and abundance of species ( Barry et al., 1995 ; Southward...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2014) 217 (7): 1167–1174.
Published: 01 April 2014
... with hosts. This study explored the biomechanical costs and benefits of the epiphytic association between the intertidal brown algal epiphyte Soranthera ulvoidea and its red algal host Odonthalia floccosa . Drag on epiphytized and unepiphytized hosts was measured in a recirculating water flume. A...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2013) 216 (15): 2858–2869.
Published: 01 August 2013
...Brittany E. Bjelde; Anne E. Todgham SUMMARY Marine animals living high in the rocky intertidal zone experience long durations of aerial emersion, sometimes enduring rapid increases in temperature. To date, much of our understanding of the thermal physiology of intertidal organisms comes from...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2013) 216 (3): 502–514.
Published: 01 February 2013
... 2012 © 2013. 2013 bivalve ecophysiology Hall effect intertidal Mytilus californianus Mytilus galloprovincialis Mytilus trossulus valve gaping Organisms may respond to episodic environmental stress through physiological mechanisms, behavioral responses or some...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2009) 212 (2): 169–177.
Published: 15 January 2009
...–Menten constant ( K m ) of the cofactor NADH( K m NADH ). K m NADH values of cMDHs from the mid- to high-intertidal, low-latitude species L. scabra and L. gigantea were less sensitive to high temperature than those of cMDHs from the low- and mid-intertidal, high-latitude species L. scutum and L. pelta...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2008) 211 (21): 3421–3432.
Published: 01 November 2008
... of Botany, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6T 1Z4 (e-mail: pmartone@interchange.ubc.ca ) 6 9 2008 © The Company of Biologists Limited 2008 2008 adaptation biomechanics Calliarthron decalcification drag flexibility geniculum intertidal macroalgae...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2008) 211 (21): 3433–3441.
Published: 01 November 2008
...Patrick T. Martone; Mark W. Denny SUMMARY Previous studies have hypothesized that wave-induced drag forces may constrain the size of intertidal organisms by dislodging or breaking organisms that exceed some critical dimension. In this study, we explored constraints on the size of the articulated...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2007) 210 (13): 2213–2230.
Published: 01 July 2007
...Katharine J. Mach; Drew V. Nelson; Mark W. Denny SUMMARY Biomechanical analyses of intertidal and shallow subtidal seaweeds have elucidated ways in which these organisms avoid breakage in the presence of exceptional hydrodynamic forces imposed by pounding surf. However, comparison of algal material...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2006) 209 (9): 1678–1689.
Published: 01 May 2006
...Patrick T. Martone SUMMARY Articulated coralline algae (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) dominate low-intertidal, wave-exposed habitats around the world, yet the mechanics of this diverse group of organisms has been almost completely unexplored. In contrast to fleshy seaweeds, articulated corallines...