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Keywords: Contrast sensitivity
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Journal Articles
Journal Articles
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J Exp Biol (2022) 225 (16): jeb243927.
Published: 26 August 2022
... to be structurally complex, very little research on their visual function has been conducted. Here, we use isoluminant expanding visual stimuli to measure the spatial resolution and contrast sensitivity of a strombid, Conomurex luhuanus . Using these stimuli, we show that this species responds to objects as small...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2021) 224 (20): jeb243068.
Published: 25 October 2021
... the resolution of stripe patterns is mainly limited by the retinal sampling density (most likely the ganglion cell density; Collin and Pettigrew, 1989 ), the limiting factor for the detection of single objects is contrast sensitivity ( O'Carroll and Wiederman, 2014 ). Therefore, it is possible that an object...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2021) 224 (20): jeb242948.
Published: 15 October 2021
... predominantly by the compound eyes. In this study, using pattern electroretinography (pERG), we investigated the contribution of the compound eyes to ocellar spatial vision in the diurnal Australian bull ant Myrmecia tarsata by measuring the contrast sensitivity and spatial resolving power of the ocellar second...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2017) 220 (23): 4364–4369.
Published: 1 December 2017
... target size a photoreceptor can robustly encode is sufficient to explain the detection limit of higher-order, target-detecting neurons or observed behavioural pursuits. Target detection Vision Contrast sensitivity Retina Signal-to-noise ratio Feature detection Visual systems optimized...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2016) 219 (24): 3971–3980.
Published: 15 December 2016
... or contrast sensitivity. This study estimates contrast sensitivity and spatial resolution of two species of benthic sharks, the Port Jackson shark, Heterodontus portusjacksoni , and the brown-banded bamboo shark, Chiloscyllium punctatum , by recording eye movements in response to optokinetic stimuli. Both...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2001) 204 (14): 2383–2390.
Published: 15 July 2001
... to an intensity modulation of 0.63 [(4.5−1)/(4.5+1)], which is within the linear range of the LMC. In keeping with the notion that the LMC response to a rotating polarizer resembles the contrast sensitivity to a time-varying intensity, it was observed that the potential oscillation elicited by a rotating...