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Aims and scope

Journal of Experimental Biology (JEB) is the leading journal in comparative animal physiology and biomechanics. The journal covers a broad range of integrative, comparative, ecological and evolutionary physiology and biomechanics research in animals. We publish papers about animals at all levels of biological organisation, from the molecular to the integrated whole animal. There is a strong emphasis on elucidating mechanism and understanding physiological processes, responses to stressors and adaptation to diverse environments. The single most important criterion for publication in JEB is significant advancement of scientific knowledge.

Our research article types include Research Articles, Short Communications, Methods & Techniques and Theory & Modelling. These articles should pose and test a significant hypothesis or answer an important question that is relevant to animal physiology or biomechanics. In addition, we publish Commentaries and Reviews in the areas of animal physiology and biomechanics, and Perspectives on topics of broader interest to experimental biologists.

Example areas of interest include:

  • ecophysiology, conservation physiology and responses to environmental change
  • phenotypic plasticity and physiological flexibility
  • biomechanics and neural control of animal movement
  • muscle physiology and muscle–tendon biomechanics
  • physiological mechanisms underlying animal behaviour
  • sensory physiology
  • neuroethology
  • metabolic physiology and bioenergetics
  • thermal biology
  • cardiovascular and respiratory physiology
  • osmoregulation and acid–base balance
  • ecoimmunology
  • endocrinology
  • laboratory and field studies addressing physiological processes and biomechanical mechanisms
  • computational simulation and robotics papers that advance understanding of animal function
  • novel methods, techniques and analyses in comparative physiology and biomechanics

We welcome submission of outstanding research in these areas and encourage authors to send a presubmission enquiry to for feedback on the potential suitability of an article.

All papers must be accessible to scientists with a general biological background, given that our authors and readers reflect a broad interdisciplinary group of scientists who study comparative biomechanics and molecular, cellular and organismal physiology in an evolutionary and environmental context.

We do not typically publish research with a biomedical, clinical, toxicology or plant physiology focus. While we sometimes publish human-focused studies, they must make a clear case for the relevance of the findings in a broader comparative or evolutionary context. Articles that simply describe patterns without elucidating mechanism are rarely considered for publication in JEB.

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