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JEB: 100 years of discovery


JEB: 100 years of discovery


JEB: 100 years of discovery

Summary: This Commentary summarises the history of Journal of Experimental Biology from its foundation by Lancelot Hogben, Julian Huxley and Francis Crew in 1923 to the present day.


Summary: Mechanistic niche models are frequently used to predict climate vulnerability and species range dynamics. Here, we review the observations and experiments frequently used to parameterize mechanistic niche models.


Summary: pi_tailtrack is a Raspberry Pi-based imaging system that generates high-quality behavioural tracking data of larval zebrafish during functional imaging, using hardware that costs ∼340€.

Summary: Development of a motion detection algorithm for reliable, automatic scoring of thermal limits in insects using an open-source tool.


Summary: Alligators maintain speed when transitioning between varying grades by modulating limb mechanics such that limbs stay extended and static stability is prioritized during downhill walking.

Summary: Experimental evidence that the human soleus muscle favors contractile conditions for economical work production during submaximal running and for enhancing mechanical power production during maximal running speed.

Summary: The importance of transcript- and protein-level regulation differs across cellular functions and environmental contexts, and transcript and protein expression have higher concordance in stressful conditions.

Summary: Field-realistic insecticide exposure is detrimental to wasps, as it decreases movement, survival and visual and olfactory learning and memory in Polistes paper wasps.

Highlighted Article: Repeated social defeat experiments in a cichlid fish highlight conserved brain networks underlying social stress resilience and susceptibility.

Summary: Examination of the association of long-term stress with cardiac remodeling in Atlantic salmon, using scale cortisol as a chronic stress biomarker.

Highlighted Article: Noise-treated zebrafish show greater hair cell and synapse loss in the inner ear saccule, followed by the lagena, suggesting their greater sensitivity and role in hearing loss compared with the utricle.

Summary: Use of a combination of fatty acids and stable isotopes to trace egg consumption in several marine species that occupy lower trophic levels than the fish that produced the eggs.

Highlighted Article: Bottlenose dolphins can detect electric fields in water and could be able to use this information for short-range prey detection as well as large-scale orientation.


JEB: 100 years of discovery
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