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JEB: 100 years of discovery


Summary: Collective movement is a ubiquitous behaviour among vertebrates and yet we understand little about the energetic cost of moving as a group compared with that of solitary locomotion.

Summary: The mechanisms of epithelial transport and the subsequent use of dissolved amino acids in aquatic animals are discussed, highlighting key knowledge gaps.


JEB: 100 years of discovery

Summary: We use diving marine mammals to explore how deviations from general patterns provide insight into the importance of ecological context, which can only be examined in the field.


Summary: Body surface temperature dynamics during acute stress tracked sympathetic nervous system activation. Consequently, sympathetic activity can be inferred non-invasively using infrared thermal imaging, overcoming many limitations of current measurement techniques.

Summary: Heat-stressed Caenorhabditis elegans males show motility defects and a reduction in mate-searching behavior, potentially linked to changes in sensing satiation, resulting in a dramatic reduction in reproductive success.

Summary: The secondary structure of cytosolic malate dehydrogenase (cMDH) mRNA of three intertidal snail species shows differences in thermal stability, which may be linked to snail geographical distribution.

Summary: Evaluation of the physiological response to death feigning in Eucryptorrhynchus scrobiculatus indicates that neurotransmitter variation in the weevil's brain plays a key role in the regulation of death-feigning duration.

Summary: The optokinetic gain of fiddler crabs that were free to rotate was significantly higher than that of crabs that were restrained.

Summary: Budgerigars change the sequence of their songs as flocks associate and dissociate, to convey information about flock identity.

Summary: Acclimation to different humidity and temperature treatments drives plasticity in cutaneous evaporative water loss and related changes in plasma osmolality, hematocrit, and body mass in lizards.

Summary: Thyroid hormones are necessary to maintain sustained energy intake and milk energy output in Swiss mice; however, they do not define the upper limit to sustained energy intake and milk energy output at peak lactation.

Summary: Direct measurements of strain and vertebral curvature throughout the trout body confirm the epaxial muscles experience orthogonal strain gradients during feeding.

Summary: The influence of salinity on metabolic rates of freshwater invertebrates differs, perhaps as a result of evolutionary history.

Summary: Frequent high cyclic mechanical loading of a tendon over a short period of time may diminish the tendon's tolerance to high tensile loading and predispose it to overuse injury.


JEB: 100 years of discovery
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