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Summary: An automated volumetric PIV and tracking method measures time-resolved, 3D zooplankton trajectories and surrounding volumetric fluid velocity fields simultaneously and non-intrusively.


Summary: Ankle push-off plays an important role of the energy expenditure of human walking, which can be explained by the mechanical work performed by the lower extremity joints.

Summary: The geometry of remora fish suction disc spinules increases passive friction on rough host surfaces such as shark skin.

Highlighted Article: Anosteocytic bone can adapt to loads by a combination of bone resorption and deposition, which suggests the presence of a non-osteocytic mechanosensing mechanism.

Summary: During simultaneously occurring elevated metabolic states, Thamnophis marcianus exhibits prioritization as the primary pattern of interaction in oxygen delivery. The metabolic processes associated with digestion, and perhaps reproduction, are temporarily compromised during activity.

Summary: Wood ants form linked memories of the distance and direction of their homeward foraging route.

Summary: Co-evolution of larger body size with greater muscle stress and normalised power output occurred in lacertid lizard species.

Highlighted Article: Fleas living in high fractional concentrations of CO2 have reduced survival and reproduction.

Summary: Transthoracic ultrasound determines heart rate and stroke volume before and after exercise in bottlenose dolphins, providing the first data on the extreme cardiovascular plasticity in awake and unrestrained cetaceans in water.

Summary: Evolutionary changes to the timing of diapause will be key for insects to adapt to a globally warming climate; putative loci responsible for timing shifts are identified.

Summary: The interactive effects of climate stressors on marine calcifiers highlight the negative effect of elevated temperature based on seawater acidification.

Summary: Raman spectroscopy reveals that melanins are present in spiders.

Highlighted Article: Species-level differences in heat tolerance may drive changes in desert bird communities as global temperatures continue to rise and heat waves become more frequent.

Summary: Human decathletes that excel in one event excel in all events, which is contrary to the pervasive idea that underlying functional constraints limit the development of a ‘master of all events’.

Summary: Handedness in the swimming crab resides in the claw that is larger with greater apodeme height and has the stronger closing force.

Summary: Estradiol changes the basal activity of the auditory midbrain and limbic forebrain of female túngara frogs, and modifies the response of the preoptic area to mating calls.

Highlighted Article: Flight kinematics and adaptive sonar behavior in insectivorous, echolocating bats engaged in climbing and turning flight reveal tight coordination of adaptive flight and vocal motor systems.

Summary: In honey bee nests, the presence of a propolis envelope decreases baseline expression of immune-related genes over the course of the season and appears to benefit colony survivorship and strength in early spring.

Summary: Power amplification in a compliant muscle-tendon unit is maximal for intermediate inertial-gravitational loads and can be enhanced by a trigger and catch mechanism for small loads.

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