Linear measurements of certain appendages and the carapace of P. carcinus were made and plotted in various ways. The following conclusions were drawn:

1. The cheliped shows heterogonic growth in both male and female, but more markedly in the male, the values of k being: male 1.8 and female 1.48

2. The pereiopods in both male and female are slightly heterogonic. The relative growth rates are graded from p3 to p5, that of p3 being slightly greater than that of p5

3. Of the ordinary pereiopods the rate of growth of p1 is the smallest in the male, but the largest in the female.

4. The difference between the rates of growth of p1 and p3 in male and female is greatest where the rate of growth in the heterogonic organ, the cheliped, is most excessive in the male.

5. The growth of the 3rd maxilliped is slightly negatively heterogonic, the value of k in the male being 0.93 and in the female 0.95.

Hence there seems to be a correlation between the marked heterogony in the cheliped on the growth rate of neighbouring appendages. In those immediately posterior to the cheliped the growth rate is increased and in those anterior decreased.

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