1. The drinking rate of the saline-water mosquito larva Aedes taeniorhyncus (100 nl.mg-1.h-1) is unaffected by the salinity of the external medium, but is directly proportional to the surface area of the animal. 2. Haemolymph Na+, Mg2+, K+, Cl-, SO42- and osmotic concentrations were measured in larvae adapted to 10%, 100% and 200% seawater and were found to be regulated within a narrow range. 3. With the exception of potassium, ionic concentrations in rectal secretion were found to increase with increasing concentrations of the sea water in which larvae were reared. 4. The osmotic concentration of rectal secretion was unaffected by changes in haemolymph osmotic concentration but did rise when sodium or chloride concentrations of the haemolymph were increased. High levels of these ions also stimulated the rate of fluid secretion. 5. Transport of chloride and sodium by the rectum exhibits the kinetics of allosteric rather than classical enzymes.

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