1. Electrical activity accompanying motor activity can be recorded from the excised pharynx of Enchiridium punctatum. Multiple stimuli elicit behaviour which consists of an initial aperture closure followed by extension and then peristalsis. If the stimulus parameters are increased the preparation bends from side to side instead of proceeding through the behavioural sequence. Bending appears to inhibit other movements differentially. 2. The conduction involved with peristalsis is polarized and proceeds in a proximal direction. 3. With stimulus intensities greater than those needed to produce the behavioural response an initial muscle potential (IMP) is evoked. The IMP is frequency sensitive. Maximum facilitation occurs within 100 ms and drops to 50% of maximum within 250 ms. 4. Conduction velocities of the IMP range from 0–05 m s-1 to 1-9 m s-1. Conduction velocities appear to increase with facilitation.

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