1. An automatic respirometer has been developed for continuous measurements over 3–4 days on 1–15 g crayfish. The sensor is a modified Mackereth oxygen electrode. Respiration is recorded on a millivolt potentiometric pen recorder during closed periods when the O2 concentration in the medium falls to a predetermined level. A solenoid-operated valve is then opened via a relay circuit energized by a reed switch mounted on the recorder. Medium flows through the respirometer until the O2 concentration is raised back to another predetermined level. Artificial media containing little or no nutrient salts are used to restrict the growth of microbes. 2. Respiration was determined chiefly on crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes) with body wet weights of 7-0-12-5 g at 10-0 degrees C. In unrestrained but relatively quiescent animals, standard metabolism is described by the regression equation, ln O2 uptake = 3–3037 + 1–002 ln body wt. In restless crayfish active metabolism is described by the equation, ln O2 uptake = 4–4412 + 0–861 ln body wt.

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