A concentrative uptake mechanism for L-glutamate with the following characteristics has been identified in the abdominal nerve cord: 1. The uptake can be divided into Na+-sensitive and Na-plus-insensitive components. 2. The Na-plus-sensitive component showed the typical saturation kinetics of a carrier mediate process. It had a V of 15.9 x 10(6) times 10(6) muM/mg wet weight/min and a Km of 0-33 mm. Its magnitude was proportional to the first power of the Na-plus concentration of the medium. The uptake was specific for L-dicarboxylic amino acids and was sensitive to the presence of metabolic inhibitors. 3. The Na-plus-insensitive component was linearly related to the glutamate concentration of the medium. An isosmotic saline is described for use with the isolated intact abdominal nerve cord of P. americana.

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