1. Tubule fluid:medium ratios (TF/M) have been measured for inulin, glucose, LMWD and HMWD. These TF/M ratios were surprisingly high.

2. The tubule appears to act as a molecular filter; that is to say, molecules move through the tubule wall in inverse relation to their size. This is best illustrated using polyvinyl pyrrolidone as a tracer. The molecular size distribution of PVP fractions present in tubule fluid differs markedly from the molecular size distribution of PVP in the bathing Ringer.

3. No correlation can be made between the inulin and glucose TF/M and the rate of fluid production. However, the inverse relationship between TF/M and rate of fluid production for dextrans indicates a molecular sieving effect.

4. The significance of these results is discussed with reference to models of fluid transport.

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