1. Responses to mechanical and electrical stimulation have been investigated in single motor fibres dissected in the segmental nerves of the dragonfly nymph.

2. A large proportion of fibres possessed a background discharge which was often accelerated of inhibited on stimulation. Examples of central inhibition were common.

3. Efferent responses varied in type, delay and regularity, both with the input under stimulation and with the frequency and intensity of the volley. The majority of fibres responded to stimulation of more than one nerve root.

4. In many motor fibres changes in the parameters of stimulation demonstrated a reciprocal relationship between and frequency. An enhanced responsiveness occurred with frequency increases in the range of 10-100/sec. indicatind a considerable importance of temporal summation/facilitation.

5. The characteristic frequency-sensitivity of motor fibres and the variability of their response patterns are discussed in relation to the control of insect muscle.

Née Fielden.