1. The evidence for the occurrence of storage excretion in ascidians is reviewed. Most species probably store uric acid or purine bases in some form.

2. The renal concretions of Ascidia nigra and Phallusia mammillata contain 50-60% uric acid, the remainder of the concretion is unidentified but is non-nitrogenous and is not calcium carbonate. In Ascidiella aspersa the concretion is predominantly composed of calcium carbonate and there is no significant quantity of uric acid or purine base.

3. Uric acid is also identified in Molgula manhattensis, Polycarpa obtecta, Pyura vittata and Herdmania momus.

4. Storage excretion probably results from a deficiency in the uricolytic enzyme system. It is concluded that while protein metabolism is ammonotelic, purine metabolism is uricotelic or xanthotelic.

Contribution No. 361 from the Bermuda Biological Station.