1. The osmoregulatory response of Ligia oceanica and Idotea granulosa to the range of the experimental variables was similar. They were both hyperosmotic relative to the medium and the difference between internal and external concentration increased as the salinity of the medium decreased.

2. In 100% sea water the osmotic concentration of the blood of Ligia oceanica was markedly above that of the medium, whereas in Idotea granulosa the blood was only marginally hyperosmotic.

3. In Ligia oceanica the blood concentration changed little in 100 and 75% sea water, but dropped significantly between 75 and 50% sea water, whereas blood concentration in Idotea granulosa dropped significantly throughout the test range of salinities.

4. The more efficient osmoregulation of Ligia oceanica in 25% sea water is reflected in the mean freezing-point depression of the blood, Δi = 1.65, compared with Δi = 0.90 in Idotea granulosa.

5. In both species the osmotic concentration of the blood was influenced by season, by temperature and by a temperature-salinity interaction.

6. Neither size nor sex of the animal influenced osmotic concentration of the blood.

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