1. A study has been made of the relation between blood, urine and medium concentrations in the two amphipod Crustacea G. duebeni and G. pulex.

2. G. duebeni produces urine hypotonic to the blood but hypertonic to the medium when it is in media more dilute than 50% sea water.

3. G. pulex forms urine which is hypotonic both to blood and medium when in 2-20% sea water.

4. G. duebeni begins to form hypotonic urine within 2 hr. of transference from 110 to 160% sea water to fresh water. Hypotonic urine formation begins in these circumstances when the blood concentration is up to twice that at which hypotonic urine is formed by animals fully adapted to their medium.

5. It is concluded (a) that the concentration of urine produced by G. duebeni is not dictated solely by the absolute level of the blood concentration; (b) that the formation of urine hypotonic to the blood in a brackish-water animal functions primarily as a means of conserving ions in the body; (c) that the ability to regulate the concentration of the urine with rapidity will be important in an animal living in environments of fluctuating salinities.

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