1. Littorina littoralis (L.), L. saxatilis (L.), L. neritoides (L.) and L. littorea (L.) responded to the plane of vibration (e vector) of polarized light directly incident upon their eyes in the virtual absence of any substrate reflexions. Photonegative winkles orientated parallel with the plane of vibration and photopositive individuals at right angles to this plane.

2. Decrease of the angle of incidence towards zero of polarized light rays incident upon the lens aperture of Littorina littoralis completely destroyed the ability to orientate to the plane of vibration. This can be explained on the basis of a Fresnel reflexion/refraction mechanism of orientation.

3. Unilaterally blinded Littorina littoralis gave just as good an orientation to vertical rays of polarized light as winkles with intact vision.

4. It is concluded that the eyes of Littorina species are capable of detecting the plane of vibration of polarized light directly incident from above by means of a Fresnel reflexion/refraction mechanism, and that orientation does not depend on balanced stimulation of the two eyes.

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