1. Two methods for preparation of the toxin in a purified crystalline form are described.

2. The toxin is probably a secondary proteose.

3. It has an excitatory parasympathetic effect on the uterus of the guinea-pig and on the intestine of the rabbit. The effect is abolished by atropine.

4. It causes excessive salivary secretion, again abolished by atropine.

5. It causes partial or complete block of perfused isolated amphibian and mammalian hearts. It also causes extrasystoles. Both effects are abolished by atropine.

6. The minimum lethal dose for rats is 0.035-0.05 mg. toxin/100 g. body weight. Atropine did not save the life of the animal although it prolonged it.

7. The possibility of a histamine-like action of the venom is discussed.

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