There was an error in J. Exp. Biol. (2024) 227, jeb246357 (doi:10.1242/jeb.246357).

Some statistical data in the Materials and Methods and Results sections were incorrectly transcribed. Specifically, in Materials and Methods, ‘Intraspecific and interspecific interactions’, the χ2 and P-values for species differences in the total lengths of the individuals used in the experiment (originally χ2=4.78, P=0.19) should be χ2=4.53, P=0.21. In Results, ‘Intraspecific and interspecific interactions’, the P-value for the duration per attack (originally P=0.23) should be P=0.14; and the χ2 value for the species difference in the mean swimming distance of intruder individuals (originally χ2=7.81) should be χ2=2.62. In Results, ‘Differences in aggressive behavior depending on the number of white bars’, the P-value for the increase in frequency from α to γ individuals (originally P=0.11) should be P=0.23.

Both the online full text and PDF versions of the paper have been corrected. The authors apologise to the readers for this error, which does not impact the results or conclusions of the paper.