There were some errors in J. Exp. Biol. (2021) 224, jeb218289 (doi:org/10.1242/jeb.218289).

In the ‘Amphibians’ section, the physiological state during recordings was incorrect. The sentence should read: “As a neural substrate for this auditory selectivity, ‘pulse-integrating’ neurons that show sharp tuning to pulse repetition rate have been recorded in the awake-immobilized frog midbrain, more precisely the torus semicircularis”.

In the same section, the usage of the term ‘call’ was incorrect. The sentence should read: ‘Such neurons fire in response to constant call sequences that have just one more pulse than the specific threshold number of pulses’. The term ‘regular call intervals’ was used inappropriately. The sentence should read: ‘They only respond to very regular calls with a constant inter-pulse interval’.

Also, in ‘Amphibians’, a sentence was difficult to understand. The sentence should read: ‘they do not respond to calls with mixed intervals’.

Additionally, in Table 1, the subject condition for taxon ‘Amphibians’ was incorrectly given as ‘Anaesthetized’; it should be ‘Awake-immobilized’.

Both the online full text and PDF versions of the paper have been corrected. The author apologises to the readers for these errors, which do not impact the conclusions of the paper.