The modulatory effects of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT or serotonin) on voltage-gated currents in central olfactory neurones of the moth Manduca sexta have been examined in vitro using whole-cell patch-clamp recording techniques. Central olfactory neurones were dissociated from the antennal lobes of animals at stage 5 of the 18 stages of metamorphic adult development. The modulatory actions of 5-HT on voltage-activated ionic currents were examined in a subset of morphologically identifiable antennal lobe neurones maintained for 2 weeks in primary cell culture. 5-HT caused reversible reduction of both a rapidly activating A-type K+ current and a relatively slowly activating K+ current resembling a delayed rectifier-type conductance. 5-HT also reduced the magnitude of voltage-activated Ca2+ influx in these cells. The functional significance of 5-HT-modulation of central neurones is discussed.

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