1. We describe an in vitro perfused preparation of Acheta domesticus rectum which allows direct comparison of Malpighian tubule secretion and rectal absorption under identical conditions. Rectal absorption is stimulated four- to sixfold by corpora cardiaca (CC) homogenates and the stimulated rate is sufficiently rapid to account for all the fluid secreted by the tubules. 2. The time course for increased fluid absorption is similar to that required to stimulate electrogenic chloride transport in locusts and grasshoppers. Chloride is rapidly absorbed by the rectum under all conditions, along with lesser amounts of Na+ and K+. Unlike the situation in locusts, K+ uptake is unaffected by CC homogenates and the stimulated absorbate is NaCl-rich, similar in composition to the NaCl-rich tubule fluid produced under stimulated conditions. The absorbate is always slightly hypo-osmotic to the perfusate, reaching a maximum differential of approximately 15 mosmol l-1 following CC stimulation. 3. The antidiuretic factor that reduces tubule secretion does not promote fluid reabsorption by the rectum.

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