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    Manduca sexta diuretic hormone (Mas-DH) stimulates fluid secretion by adult Malpighian tubules of M. sexta, demonstrating its site of diuretic action in M. sexta for the first time. It was not possible to develop a suitable bioassay to measure fluid secretion in larval proximal tubules. 2. Mas-DH has an antidiuretic action on the cryptonephric complex of larval M. sexta because it increases fluid absorption from the rectum. It appears that in this complex Mas-DH is acting on a Na+/K+/2Cl- co-transporter, presumably on the basal membrane of the cryptonephric Malpighian tubules, because Mas-DH-stimulated fluid absorption by the cryptonephric complex is inhibited by bumetanide or the removal of Cl-, Na+ or K+ from the haemolymph side of the tissue. This is the first demonstration of hormonal control of fluid absorption by the cryptonephric complex. 3. Concomitant with the stimulation of fluid transport, Mas-DH increases the amount of cyclic AMP secreted by adult Malpighian tubules and the cryptonephric complex. In addition, Mas-DH promotes cyclic AMP production by the larval proximal tubules.

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