There were errors published in Journal of Experimental Biology (2019) 222, 203695 (doi: 10.1242/jeb.203695).

The authors discovered that autocorrelation was not properly accounted for in their analyses of body temperature. They reanalysed the data using a CorARMA correlation term and found that the overall results and conclusions were unaltered. This was confirmed by a reviewer of the original paper, who was asked to review the corrected version and specifically state whether or not, in their opinion, the conclusions were unchanged.

The new analysis has altered some of the minor results relating to change in Tb reported in Figs 3 and 7 (shown here) and in several places in the Results section. The data for stationary days in Table S1 and the estimates and CIs reported in Table S2 have also changed.

Both the online full-text and PDF versions of the article and supplementary information have been updated. The original uncorrected PDFs with the errors highlighted are available as supplementary material to this Correction, so that readers can clearly see where changes have been made.

The authors apologise for these errors and any inconvenience they may have caused.

Supplementary information