Pace, D. A. and Manahan, D. T. (2006) Fixed metabolic costs for highly variable rates of protein synthesis in sea urchin embryos and larvae. J. Exp. Biol.209, 158-170.

Figs 1 and 7 in both the on-line and print versions of this paper were published incorrectly.

Panels A and B in Fig. 1were not labelled. The correct figure is reprinted below.

In Fig. 7B, the broken line was labelled incorrectly as `Correct measured synthesis=183 ng day-1' instead of `Measured synthesis=183 ng day-1'. The correct figure is reprinted below.

In addition, on p. 166,right column, line 8, `protein dispositional efficiency' should read `protein depositional efficiency'.

We apologise for these errors and any inconvenience caused.