The binding of leukotriene B4 (LTB4) to macrophages from the head kidney of the rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss was measured. Binding of [3H]LTB4 achieved a steady state after approximately 30 min of incubation and was 30% reversible in the presence of a minimum of 1000-fold excess of LTB4. Scatchard analysis of the kinetics of LTB4 binding over a range of [3H]LTB4 concentrations indicated the existence of only a single class of receptor with a dissociation constant, KD, of 0.14 nmol l-1 and a maximum receptor density, Bmax, of approximately 17,800 sites per macrophage. The LTB4 receptor antagonist LY223982 was ineffective in inhibiting the binding of [3H]LTB4 to trout macrophages, although another receptor antagonist, LTB4-dimethylamide, displaced a maximum of 25% of the total binding. LTB5 was equally effective as LTB4 at displacing [3H]LTB4, while other eicosanoids tested were without significant effect. It is suggested that the putative receptors for LTB4 on trout macrophages are similar to the high-affinity receptors for this compound reported to occur on mammalian granulocytes, although any structural similarities of the binding sites await further investigation.

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