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Current Issue
Volume 224,
Issue 21
November 2021

Journal of Experimental Biology is the leading primary research journal in comparative physiology and publishes papers on the form and function of living organisms at all levels of biological organisation, from the molecular and subcellular to the integrated whole animal.

Our authors and readers reflect a broad interdisciplinary group of scientists who study molecular, cellular and organismal physiology in an evolutionary and environmental context.

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SPECIAL ISSUE – Predicting the Future: Species Survival in a Changing World

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Special issues

Predicting the Future: Species Survival in a Changing World

Guest editors: Craig E. Franklin and Hans H. Hoppeler

In a series of Reviews by experts working across different taxa and environmental drivers, this special issue explores the significant role of experimental biology in assessing and predicting the susceptibility or resilience of species to future, human-induced environmental change. It highlights the need for data sharing and better integration across scientific disciplines if we are to address the impacts humans are having on our physical and natural world.

Free online access to all articles.

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Open Access publishing options

We recognise the benefits of Open Access publishing and, as one of the very first Transformative Journals, we offer several publishing options to all of our authors, whatever their funder or financial status.

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In the field: an interview with Glenn Tattersall

Glenn Tattersall talks about his fieldwork experiences using a thermal imaging camera in South Africa, the Galapagos Islands, Scotland and Brazil.

Find out more about the series in our Editorial and see below for more interviews.


Early-career researchers

Read our interviews with early-career researchers and find out more about how JEB supports junior scientists

Featured articles

Editors' choice

Crayfish can overcome fear in favour of a cozy burrow, depending on the scent of terror. If it's just the stench of a lurking predator, they can overcome their concerns, but if the smell indicates a recent attack, not even a comfy burrow will entice them to venture where the assault occurred. Read the research paper by Rebecca MacKay, Tyler Wood & Paul Moore

Reviews and Commentaries

A connectome is not enough – what is still needed to understand the brain of Drosophila? by Louis K. Scheffer & Ian A. Meinertzhagen

Physiological responses of freshwater insects to salinity: molecular-, cellular- and organ-level studies by Sydney Silver & Andrew Donini

Detrimental or beneficial? Untangling the literature on developmental stress studies in birds by Haruka Wada & Victoria Coutts

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