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Current Issue
Volume 227,
Issue 7
April 2024

Journal of Experimental Biology is the leading journal in comparative animal physiology and biomechanics. We cover a broad range of integrative, comparative, ecological and evolutionary physiology and biomechanics research in animals at all levels of biological organisation, from the molecular to the integrated whole animal. 

Our authors and readers reflect a broad interdisciplinary group of scientists who study comparative biomechanics and molecular, cellular and organismal physiology in an evolutionary and environmental context.

About JEB

SPECIAL ISSUE – Developmental Plasticity: From Mechanisms to Evolutionary Processes

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Special issue - A Century of Comparative Biomechanics

This special issue aims to enlighten readers on many aspects of ‘developmental plasticity’ – i.e. how environmental conditions experienced during early life can shape how an animal grows and matures into an adult, with long-lasting impacts on form and function. The series of Review articles covers a rich diversity of taxa - from worms to dung beetles and lizards to mice - and raises pressing questions for further research in the areas of physiology and evolution. Read the Editorial by Guest Editors Pat Wright and Katie Gilmour

FREE online access to all articles.

Open Access publishing options

We recognise the benefits of Open Access publishing and, as one of the very first Transformative Journals, we offer several publishing options to all of our authors, whatever their funder or financial status.

Read more about the OA options we offer our authors.

The Forest of Biologists The Forest of Biologists leaves icon

As part of a new biodiversity initiative from The Company of Biologists, JEB now plants a native tree in a UK forest for each published Research and Review article. We are also funding the restoration and preservation of ancient woodland and dedicating these trees to our peer reviewers. All of these trees are represented together in a virtual forest. Read the Editorial to find out more about the launch of this initiative.


JEB@100: an interview with Monitoring Editor Monica Daley

Monica Daley tells us why she thinks that understanding integration across systems and organizational scales is one of the big questions facing the field and why it is important to recognize failure as an opportunity.

Find out more about the series on our Interviews page and see below for more interviews:

In the field

JEB authors often go to the ends of the earth to answer the questions that intrigue them - read about their experiences in the field.

Early-career researchers

Read our interviews with early-career researchers and find out more about how JEB supports junior scientists

Featured articles

Editors' choice

Some ticks stand on the ends of plants and waive their arms hoping to hitch a ride on their hosts. Carola Städele shows that the Haller’s organ may serve as a fast-acting sensor, starting their arm waiving when CO2 is nearby.

Reviews, Commentaries and Perspectives

Mitochondrial function and sexual selection: can physiology resolve the ‘lek paradox’? by Ondi L. Crino, Megan L. Head, Michael D. Jennions & Daniel W. A. Noble

The buzz within: the role of the gut microbiome in honeybee social behavior by J. B. Nguyen, C. W. Marshall & C. N. Cook

The processing of proprioceptive signals in distributed networks: insights from insect motor control by Corinna Gebehart & Ansgar Büschges

100 years of discovery

Animation of the JEB centenary logo

Centenary activities

2023 marked the 100th anniversary of JEB.

See our Centenary webpage and the links below for information on how we marked this historic milestone.

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