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Keywords: embryogenesis
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Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2017) 130 (20): 3568–3577.
Published: 15 October 2017
... endoderm. Small GTPase Lysosome Endocytosis Embryogenesis Metabolomics The visceral yolk sac (VYS) is a membranous sac derived from embryonic tissues and envelopes the embryo. The VYS endoderm (VYSE), which forms an apical cell layer facing the uterine fluid, plays important roles...
Includes: Supplementary data
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J Cell Sci (2017) 130 (6): 1051–1063.
Published: 15 March 2017
...–Scc4 complex as an evolutionary conserved machinery controlling cohesin loading and chromatin structure maintenance, and provide new insight into the plant-specific role of this complex in controlling cell fate during embryogenesis. * These authors contributed equally to this work § Authors...
Includes: Supplementary data
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J Cell Sci (2013) 126 (8): 1796–1805.
Published: 15 April 2013
...Shuling Yan; Zhiyi Lv; Moritz Winterhoff; Christian Wenzl; Thomas Zobel; Jan Faix; Sven Bogdan; Jörg Grosshans Summary During Drosophila embryogenesis, the first epithelium with defined cortical compartments is established during cellularization. Actin polymerization is required for the separation...
Includes: Supplementary data
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J Cell Sci (2010) 123 (19): 3244–3255.
Published: 01 October 2010
... of NuSAP highly correlates with cell proliferation during embryogenesis and adult life, making it a reliable marker of proliferating cells. Additionally, we show that NuSAP deficiency in mice leads to early embryonic lethality. Spindle assembly in NuSAP-deficient cells is highly inefficient and chromosomes...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2007) 120 (20): 3565–3577.
Published: 15 October 2007
... group. Drosophila melanogaster is an ideal model organism for study of the cell cycle during development (reviewed by Foe et al., 1993 ; Lee and Orr-Weaver, 2003 ). Drosophila achieves rapid embryogenesis by using a streamlined cell cycle that is not dependent on transcription or growth...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2007) 120 (16): 2924–2934.
Published: 15 August 2007
...Anita Jung; Martin Hollmann; Mireille A. Schäfer The essential gene noa (CG 3971; also known as Baldspot ) encodes a very long chain fatty acid elongase which is most similar to the mammalian elongase ELOVL6. noa is expressed in the nervous system from embryogenesis on, in imaginal discs, the fat...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2006) 119 (3): 482–489.
Published: 01 February 2006
...-mail: pkoch@bcm.tmc.edu ) * These authors contributed equally to this work 27 10 2005 © The Company of Biologists Limited 2006 2006 Desmocollin 3 Desmosomal cadherin Cell adhesion Desmosome Embryogenesis Pre-implantation lethality Desmosome-mediated cell...
Includes: Supplementary data
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J Cell Sci (2004) 117 (22): 5381–5392.
Published: 15 October 2004
..., intercellular dye transfer might result from functional expression of Cx39 in developing striated muscle fibers. * Author for correspondence (e-mail: g.soehl@uni-bonn.de ) 19 7 2004 © The Company of Biologists Limited 2004 2004 Gap junction mCx39 hCx40.1 Orthology Embryogenesis...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2004) 117 (21): 5133–5143.
Published: 01 October 2004
... is provided maternally and is essential for C. elegans embryogenesis. Immunofluorescence and electron microscopy data show that yolk endocytosis and initial yolk platelet formation occur normally in cpl-1 mutant oocytes and embryos. However, at around the 8-12 cell stage of embryogenesis, yolk platelets begin...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2004) 117 (18): 4325–4339.
Published: 15 August 2004
... into the role of p120 during Xenopus development, we examined its spatio-temporal expression pattern by semi-quantitative RT-PCR and whole-mount in situ hybridization. Our results demonstrate that p120 is expressed both maternally and during all stages of early embryogenesis. Before gastrulation, the p120...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2003) 116 (10): 2073–2085.
Published: 15 May 2003
... affected embryos, positioning of the blastomeres became abnormal, which resulted in embryonic arrest. In contrast, an unc-60B -null mutant was homozygous viable, underwent normal early embryogenesis and caused disorganization of actin filaments specifically in body wall muscle. These results suggest...
Includes: Multimedia, Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2002) 115 (1): 113–121.
Published: 01 January 2002
...Bradley J. Schnackenberg; William F. Marzluff In somatic cells, cyclin E-cdk2 activity oscillates during the cell cycle and is required for the regulation of the G1/S transition. Cyclin E and its associated kinase activity remain constant throughout early sea urchin embryogenesis, consistent...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (1992) 1992 (Supplement_16): 33–38.
Published: 01 January 1992
... Limited 1992 1992 Drosophila embryogenesis morphogen stripes repression Journal o f Cel) Science, Supplem ent 16, 33-38 (1992) Printed in Great Britain © The Company o f Biologists Limited 1992 33 The bicoid and dorsal morphogens use a similar strategy to make stripes in the Drosophila...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (1990) 97 (3): 545–552.
Published: 01 November 1990
.... Key words: microtubules, polarity, cell division, tip morphology, embryogenesis. Introduction Fertilized eggs of the brown alga Pelvetia, and its close relative Fucus, are initially spherical cells that bear little or no polarity (Jaffe, 1958). Yet, within hours of fertiliz- ation, zygotes establish...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (1990) 1990 (Supplement_13): 87–96.
Published: 01 January 1990
... members of the family, apart from aFGF and bFGF, contain a signal peptide at their amino terminus, which directs passage through the secretory pathway. In contrast, the mechanisms by which Key words: int-2, FGF-family, growth factor, MMTV, embryogenesis. 88 C. Dickson et al. bFGF MAAGSITTLPALPEDGGSG aFGF...