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Cell Migration
J Cell Sci (2021) 134 (8): jcs253880.
Published: 26 April 2021
...Mariana Castro Dias; Adolfo Odriozola Quesada; Sasha Soldati; Fabio Bösch; Isabelle Gruber; Tobias Hildbrand; Derya Sönmez; Tejas Khire; Guillaume Witz; James L. McGrath; Jörg Piontek; Masuo Kondoh; Urban Deutsch; Benoît Zuber; Britta Engelhardt ABSTRACT The migration of activated T cells across...
Includes: Supplementary data
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J Cell Sci (2020) 133 (5): jcs236802.
Published: 05 December 2019
...://www.biologists.com/user-licence-1-1/ Summary: Cytokines play a main role in the communication between immune cells to eliminate infected of transformed cells. We reveal how cells finely control the intensity of cytokine signaling. Cytokine Interleukin Receptor Interaction T cells NK cells...
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J Cell Sci (2011) 124 (5): 776–788.
Published: 01 March 2011
... a functional PX domain that is important for endosome binding, but it is the only sorting nexin with a PDZ domain. We identified SNX27 as a partner of diacylglycerol kinase ζ (DGKζ), a negative regulator of T cell function that metabolises diacylglycerol to yield phosphatidic acid. SNX27 interacts...
Includes: Multimedia, Supplementary data
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J Cell Sci (2009) 122 (2): 215–225.
Published: 15 January 2009
...-cell migration and cell-cell interactions that occur during the course of an immune response. * Author for correspondence (e-mail: nancy.hogg@cancer.org.uk ) © The Company of Biologists Limited 2009 2009 LFA-1 T cells Migration Immune cells are collectively termed leukocytes...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2008) 121 (2): 131–136.
Published: 15 January 2008
...Sarah Russell The differentiation, activation and expansion of T cells are dictated by their integrated response to a complex array of extracellular signals. Recent studies provide insight into how these signals are integrated and demonstrate a key role for cell shape in many aspects of T-cell...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2007) 120 (6): 1126–1133.
Published: 15 March 2007
... of T cells induced by SDF-1α, and in the inhibition of the HIV-1-Env antifusogenic activity of this chemokine. Coimmunoprecipitation and protein-protein binding studies demonstrated that MIIA interacts with both the cytoplasmic tail of CXCR4 and β-arrestin. Moreover, SDF-1α promotes a rapid MIIA-β...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2007) 120 (5): 723–730.
Published: 01 March 2007
...Yanping Huang; Janis K. Burkhardt Following stimulation, T cells undergo marked changes in actin architecture that are required for productive immune responses. T-cell-receptor-dependent reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton is necessary for the formation of the immunological synapse at the T...
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J Cell Sci (2005) 118 (10): 2211–2223.
Published: 15 May 2005
... in the emerging non-apoptotic functions of CD95. * Author for correspondence (e-mail: john.eriksson@utu.fi ) 21 2 2005 © The Company of Biologists Limited 2005 2005 CD95 Receptor capping Apoptosis Rho kinase RhoA Actin Cytoskeleton Lipid raft T cells CD95 (Fas/Apo-1...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2001) 114 (22): 3957–3965.
Published: 15 November 2001
... transport in epithelial cells. T cell activation induces a rapid compartmentalisation of signalling machinery into reorganised rafts that are used as platforms for the assembly of the signalling complex. Costimulatory molecules participate in this process by providing signals that mobilise raft lipids...