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Keywords: Mammary epithelial cells
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Cytoskeleton , Polarity
J Cell Sci (2022) 135 (21): jcs259673.
Published: 4 November 2022
... Summary: A small p53 isoform responds specifically laminin-111, a key extracellular matrix component, and regulates the expression of extracellular matrix molecules required to establish correct form and function. Δ133p53 ECM Fibronectin Laminin Mammary epithelial cells p53 3D culture Tissue...
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J Cell Sci (2021) 134 (4): jcs248294.
Published: 17 February 2021
... phenotype relative to cells transformed by the predominant transforming variant of PIK3CA , p110α H1047R . We show here that MCF-10A human mammary epithelial cells expressing wild-type p110β have a phenotype that is distinct from MCF-10A cells transformed due to expression of p110α H1047R . Expression...
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J Cell Sci (2005) 118 (3): 485–496.
Published: 1 February 2005
... the senescence response is antagonistically pleiotropic. We show that premalignant mammary epithelial cells exposed to senescent human fibroblasts in mice irreversibly lose differentiated properties, become invasive and undergo full malignant transformation. Moreover, using cultured mouse or human fibroblasts...
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J Cell Sci (2001) 114 (17): 3147–3153.
Published: 1 September 2001
...Monique Rijnkels; Jeffrey M. Rosen The transplantation of primary mammary epithelial cells after adenovirus-Cre-mediated recombination provides a new approach for the study of specific gene function during mammary gland development and in breast cancer. Most mammary-gland-specific promoters...
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J Cell Sci (2001) 114 (11): 2043–2053.
Published: 1 June 2001
.... To investigate the biological role of Wnt-5a in the human mammary epithelial cell line HB2, we used an antisense approach to repress endogenous expression of Wnt-5a protein. We also generated a cell population that constitutively overexpresses this protein. We found that overexpression of Wnt-5a protein enhanced...
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