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Keywords: Immunocytochemistry
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Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2007) 120 (19): 3425–3435.
Published: 1 October 2007
... see Lucas and Salinas ( Lucas and Salinas, 1997 )]. * Author for correspondence (e-mail: sgeorgat@cc.uoi.gr ) 19 7 2007 © The Company of Biologists Limited 2007 2007 HP1 Chromatin Lymphocytes Immunocytochemistry Recent studies have identified a set...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2006) 119 (7): 1255–1265.
Published: 1 April 2006
... unknown. Here, we have studied the potential roles of the cytoskeleton and endomembrane system in the localisation of PIN proteins. Immunocytochemistry and image analysis on root cells from Arabidopsis thaliana and maize showed that 10-30% of the intracellular PIN proteins mapped to the Golgi network...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2003) 116 (6): 1117–1125.
Published: 15 March 2003
...@pubms.pku.edu.cn ; zhaizh@plum.lsc.pku.edu.cn ) 16 12 2002 © The Company of Biologists Limited 2003 2003 Nucleolar ultrastructure DNA specific staining Ag-NOR protein rDNA transcription Immunocytochemistry Plant nucleolus The nucleolus is the most prominent subcellular structure...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2001) 114 (20): 3727–3736.
Published: 15 October 2001
... envelope by treatment with Triton X-100 did not significantly decrease the amount of nuclear nSMase 1, and western blotting of subnuclear fractions (i.e. nuclear envelope, chromatin, and nuclear matrix) revealed nSMase 1 signal exclusively in the nuclear matrix. Immunocytochemistry with AH7974, as well...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2001) 114 (17): 3199–3205.
Published: 1 September 2001
... and diffraction in an energy filtering electron microscope. Ultramicroscopy 46 , 335 -347. Scheer, U. and Rose, K. M. ( 1984 ). Localization of RNA polymerase I in interphase cells and mitotic chromosomes by light and electron microscopic immunocytochemistry. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 81 , 1431...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (1993) 1993 (Supplement_17): 49–59.
Published: 1 December 1993
... prepared in parallel from the cortex. In contrast, the 56 kDa subunit of the proton pump was present in papillary endosomes, and was localized at the apical pole of principal cells by immunocytochemistry. In addition, an antibody that recognizes the 16 kDa trans­ membrane subunit of oat tonoplast ATPase...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (1991) 1991 (Supplement_14): 103–108.
Published: 1 January 1991
... available, the functional implications of interactions with membrane structures in vivo are being addressed. Key words: kinesin, membrane-bounded organelles, immunocytochemistry, synaptic vesicles, mitochondria, microtubules, light chains, isoforms. Introduction Perfusion of a nonhydrolyzable analogue...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (1989) 93 (4): 615–622.
Published: 1 August 1989
... of snRNPs in all eukaryotic nuclei. It further confirms the relation of the nuclear matrix proteins to plant cell proliferation events and the possible role of the nucleolar proteins in both rRNA transcription and preribosome assembly. nuclear proteins immunocytochemistry cryoultramicrotomy carrot...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (1988) 90 (3): 351–364.
Published: 1 July 1988
... immunocytochemistry contractility © 1988 by Company of Biologists 1988 5 1 1988 18 2 1988 Author for correspondence A contractile cytoskeletal network of Paramecium: the infraciliary lattice NICOLE GARREAU DE LOUBRESSE1*, GUY KERYER2, BERNARD VIGUES3 and JANINE BEISSON2 'Centre lie...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (1988) 90 (2): 225–235.
Published: 1 June 1988
... by density gradient (10% to 30% glycerol) centrifugation (Slot & Geuze, 1981). Tissue processing for immunocytochemistry Low temperature embedding. Zoospores and cysts were fixed with 1% glutaraldehyde in lOOmM-Pipes buffer, pH7-2, for 30min at room temperature. After fixation, the cells were embedded in 1...