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Keywords: Dimerization
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Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2020) 133 (2): jcs233064.
Published: 23 January 2020
...-FRET and FLIM-FRET. PIP 3 -mediated association with the cytoplasmic membrane and non-phosphorylated Y426 are required for SWAP-70 to dimerize and to bind F-actin. The dimerization region was identified near the C terminus where R546 is required for dimerization and, thus, F-actin bundling...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2015) 128 (20): 3781–3795.
Published: 15 October 2015
... by the internalization of IL-4R subunits through a constitutive, Rac1-, Pak- and actin-mediated endocytosis route that causes IL-4R subunits to become enriched by about two orders of magnitude within a population of cortical endosomes. Consistently, ligand-induced receptor dimers are preferentially detected within...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2015) 128 (5): 935–950.
Published: 1 March 2015
...Qian Wang; Xinmei Chen; Zhixiang Wang ABSTRACT We have shown previously that epidermal growth factor (EGF) receptor (EGFR) endocytosis is controlled by EGFR dimerization. However, it is not clear how the dimerization drives receptor internalization. We propose that EGFR endocytosis is driven...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2014) 127 (9): 1899–1910.
Published: 1 May 2014
... and cancer progression. In response to cytokine stimulation, STAT3 is activated through phosphorylation of a single tyrosine residue. The phosphorylated STAT3 dimers are stabilized by intermolecular interactions between SH2 domains and phosphotyrosine. These activated dimers accumulate in the nucleus...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2012) 125 (15): 3671–3680.
Published: 1 August 2012
... alleviates dissociation. We also show that motif-B-dependent association with chromosomes is not restricted to mitosis. Interestingly, our results indicate that motif B constitutes a surface for homo- and hetero-dimerization between BET proteins. Finally, linked to the prominent role BET proteins play...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2012) 125 (8): 1970–1979.
Published: 15 April 2012
.... We found that the initial cytoplasmic intramolecular AR N/C interaction after ligand binding is followed by a D-box-dimerization-dependent transition to intermolecular N/C interaction in a proportion of nuclear ARs. The consecutive steps leading to homodimerization are initiated prior to DNA binding...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2011) 124 (21): 3706–3714.
Published: 1 November 2011
...Lingjun Meng; Joseph K. Hsu; Qubo Zhu; Tao Lin; Robert Y. L. Tsai TRF1 is a key component of the telomere-capping complex and binds double-strand telomeric DNA as homodimers. So far, it is not clear whether TRF1 dimerization coincides with its telomere binding or is actively controlled before...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2011) 124 (6): 900–909.
Published: 15 March 2011
... interested in the structural requirements for dimerization of unphosphorylated STAT3 and its relevance for nucleocytoplasmic shuttling. By native gel electrophoresis and dual-focus fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (2f-FCS) we identified the N-terminal domain (amino acids 1–125) to be essential...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2008) 121 (19): 3207–3217.
Published: 1 October 2008
... of human cancers. It is widely thought that the ErbB receptors are located in the plasma membrane, and that ligand binding to the monomeric form of the receptors induces its dimeric form for activation. However, it still remains controversial whether prior to ligand binding the receptors exist as monomers...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2005) 118 (21): 5129–5140.
Published: 1 November 2005
... factor (LIF) exerts its action through a heterodimer of gp130 and the LIF receptor (LIFR). Related haematopoietic receptors such as the erythropoietin receptor have been described as preformed dimers in the plasma membrane. Here we investigated gp130 homodimerization and heterodimerization with the LIFR...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2003) 116 (22): 4557–4566.
Published: 15 November 2003
... ) Curr. Biol. 10, 1009-1012). Here we demonstrate that CD82 specifically attenuates ligand-induced dimerization of EGFR. The recombinant soluble large extracellular loop of CD82 has no effect on the dimerization thereby suggesting that other parts of the protein are required. Although CD82 is also...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2003) 116 (12): 2541–2550.
Published: 15 June 2003
...-catenin-dependent transcription of target genes. Using early Xenopus embryos, we show that frizzled receptors can dimerize and that dimerization is correlated with activation of the Wnt/β-catenin pathway. Co-immunoprecipitation studies revealed that the receptor Xfz3 exists as a dimer when expressed...
Journal Articles
J Cell Sci (2002) 115 (12): 2581–2590.
Published: 15 June 2002
... two to five FN7-10 units might be sufficient for activity. We have produced a monomer, three forms of dimers, a trimer and a pentamer of FN7-10,on the end of spacer arms. These oligomers could bind small clusters of up to five integrins. Fluorescence microscopy showed that the trimer and pentamer...