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Special Issue: Cell Biology of Lipids

Summary: Coherent Raman scattering microscopy offers label-free imaging of lipid droplets with chemical specificity. Here, we discuss the recent advancement in the field.


Summary: Cilia of olfactory sensory neurons have a unique lipid composition. Localization of phospholipids is controlled by the INPP5E phosphatase and is involved in modulation of the odor response.

Summary: The synaptotagmin-like mitochondrial-lipid-binding domain of PDZD8 transports phospholipids and ceramides at ER-late endosome/lysosome (LE/lys) contacts to promote LE/lys positioning and neurite outgrowth.

Summary: Septins are critical for cell shape. Using mutants and agents that disturb cell walls and membranes, we show that septins are involved in lipid metabolism and cell wall integrity signaling.

Summary: Ferroptosis, a unique form of lipotoxic cell death, is associated with macro-blebbing of trophoblast plasma membranes, likely representing thinning and enhanced membrane flexibility during cell death-associated swelling.

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