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Summary: We integrate published data to describe a unifying mechanism for building tension between sister kinetochores. A molecular bottlebrush transforms pericentromeric chromatin into a spring due to the steric repulsion between radial loops.


Highlighted Article: The autophagy-linked FYVE protein (ALFY) localizes to cell protrusions and early endosomes, and regulates directional cell migration and attachment by modification of integrin glycosylation.


Highlighted Article: We describe novel RNP granules induced by viruses that exhibit a distinct protein and RNA composition from stress granules, and are associated with translational shut-off and antiviral activities.

Summary: COPD-patient-derived epithelia show quantifiable plasticity that is replicated by repetitive in vitro smoke exposure and is caused by increased actin polymer mass and loss of cofilin-1.

Summary: ADAD2 is required for MDC1 translation, the reduction of which leads to abnormal heterochromatin and post-meiotic cell death, and is a key heterochromatin maintenance factor in male germ cells.

Summary:De novo junction formation activates EGFR, which in turn accelerates the formation of subsequent junctions by the same cell.

Summary: ESCRT-0 selectively targets aberrant proteasomes for microautophagy by recognition of proteasome ubiquitylation status to fine-tune proteasome quality control under low-glucose conditions.

Highlighted Article: Nine amino acids suppress CSF1-stimulated macropinocytosis by promoting the loss of CSF1 receptor, indicating a regulation by nutrients of growth factor receptor signaling.

Summary: Mutations of polycystins lead to the genetic disorder ADPKD. We show that the fission yeast polycystin homolog Pkd2p promotes cell expansion during interphase growth and antagonizes the SIN pathway during cytokinesis.

Highlighted Article: Deletion of Dnm1l (encoding Drp1) in the secondary heart field leads to decreased ribosomal protein gene transcription, relayed by an AMPK-SIRT7-GABPB axis, and severe abnormalities in mitochondria and cardiomyocytes in the right ventricle.

Summary: The corepressor TLE4 maintains muscle stem cell quiescence and its downregulation is crucial for Myf5 activation and differentiation.

Summary: DDX19 plays a crucial role in mRNA export at the nuclear pore complex. We find that SUMOylation enriches DDX19 at the nuclear envelope, facilitates its interaction with Gle1 and modulates the mRNA export function.


Summary: Lrrcc1 and Ccdc61 are important for Xenopus multiciliated cell organization. Furthermore, these MCCs have a role in flushing out environmental pathogens from the skin.

Summary: The S. pombe Cdc42 GTPase-activating protein Rga6 promotes the localization of the septin complex to the cell cortex, where both types of proteins work in concert to regulate polarized cell growth.

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