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Summary: This Review summarises the recent advances made in the field of MAMs and ER–mitochondria signaling in neurons and their relevance to neurodegenerative disorders.

Summary: This Review summarizes mechanisms of extracellular Wnt distribution, with a focus on glypican-mediated mechanisms. Insights, updates and revisions to the current state of the field are described.


Summary: Label2label is a new deep learning-based image restoration method that reduces cytosolic background signals in immunofluorescence images of cellular structures.

Highlighted Article: Of the four isoforms of adapter protein SH2B1, only SH2B1δ is nucleolar. SH2B1δ greatly enhances neurite complexity, a function impacted by human obesity-associated variants.

Summary: PCTAIRE1 is a mitotic kinase that localizes to the centrosomes, spindle poles and midbody during mitosis, and can serve as a potential drug target to overcome chemotherapeutic resistance.

Summary: The Ran pathway differently regulates cytokinesis in cells with different fates in the C. elegans embryo, potentially coordinating the division of germline precursor cells with their somatic neighbors.

Summary:S. pombe linear element proteins, which are important for meiotic DNA breakage and recombination, show dynamic configurations, of which the longest form might also act in DSB repair.

Summary: We report the discovery of extracellular vesicles in the lumen of the developing tracheal respiratory system of Drosophila embryos.

Summary: Characterization of the composition of cortical complexes controlling insulin secretion, showing that their dynamics is inconsistent with assembly through liquid–liquid phase separation.

Highlighted Article: Transcription factor-like 5 is a key gene regulating spermiogenesis and male fertility, and plays these regulatory roles at transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels, respectively.

Highlighted Article: In contrast to the current paradigm, fluorescence dissipation experiments reveal that mitotic spindles contain multiple populations of microtubules even when kinetochore-attached microtubules are deleted.

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