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Summary: We discuss recent findings on the mechanobiology of pluripotent stem cells, highlighting distinctive cellular properties associated with pluripotency and remaining open questions.

Summary: New developments in NMR permit the characterization of sparsely populated states. The application of these methods is illustrated by unraveling pre-nucleation tetramerization of huntingtin.


Summary: Angiomotin isoform 2 (Ap80) interacts with KIF13B and localizes at the base of primary cilia where it recruits PALS1 and regulates ciliary length and signaling.

Highlighted Article: CDK activity drives the eukaryotic cell cycle. We show that CDK activity is in surplus, and cells use this surplus to ensure mitotic completion despite CDK inhibition.


Summary: Extracellular vesicles are well defined in cancer, but their normal functions remain less certain. As they migrate, chick neural crest cells deposit migrasomes and release exosomes that are essential for motility.

Summary: Syntaxin 7 contributes to invadopodia formation and associated activity by forming multiple SNARE complexes that support the delivery of essential cargo to invadopodial sites.

Summary: Inhibition of the motor protein MKLP2 results in a mitotic arrest characterized by the presence of pole-proximal chromosomes with unstable syntelic kinetochore–microtubule attachments.

Highlighted Article: HIV and FIV glycoproteins significantly increase tau release and tau hyperphosphorylation in cultured mouse cortical neurons via activation of cGMP-dependent kinase II.

Highlighted Article: Dictyostelium CARMIL-GAP supports phagocytosis and chemotaxis by regulating both capping protein and Rac1.

Summary: MEG8 contributes to endothelial barrier integrity by regulating expression of miRNA-370 and miRNA-494, as well as processing of these miRNAs by interacting with RNA-binding proteins CIRBP and HADHB.

Summary: eIF4G, a eukaryotic translation initiation factor, can facilitate polypeptide exit tunnel maturation and 27S processing correctly during 60S biogenesis.


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