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Summary: This Review describes accumulating evidence for diverse and cell-specific regulation of copper ion transporters that cells employ to adjust copper fluxes to their changing metabolic needs.

Summary: This Review introduces the main components of apicobasal polarity and cell–cell adhesion complexes and highlights the interdependence of these two networks in epithelia.


Highlighted Article: Organelles are interconnected by contact sites, but they must be inherited from mother cells into buds during budding yeast mitosis. We report that this process occurs in a preferred sequence.


Highlighted Article: Desmosomes consist of a stable and a dynamic signalling moiety. This dualistic composition is maintained during adhesion maturation and after internalisation of whole desmosomes during cell scattering.

Summary: Fetuin-A secretion from β-cells promotes macrophage migration to the islets and also aggravates local inflammation in the islets, whereas secretions from M1 type macrophages impair insulin secretion.

Highlighted Article: We provide insight into the subunit organization and 3D structure of the C1b projection of the ciliary central apparatus and the mechanism by which it regulates dynein activity and ciliary beating.

Highlighted Article: The lncRNA ET-20, localized in antisense within the tenascin C gene, is upregulated during an EMT and in invasive breast cancer cell lines, and contributes to EMT by impairing desmosomes.

Summary: A new layer of regulation of Notch1b proteins by Furina during zebrafish cardiac looping and trabeculation, and Furina-Notch1b axis mutations, provide new insight into human congenital heart disease.

Summary: Golgi-tethered PKC-ε regulates vesicle trafficking along microtubules and their fusion into the developing phagosome. Unexpectedly, the regulatory domain is sufficient for vesicle delivery.

Summary: De-ubiquitylating enzyme USP7 controls the HUWE1-induced negative feedback loop regulating signals within the Shoc2 signaling axis, and may play a role in the pathogenesis of NSLAH.

Summary: Plus ends of actin filaments are enriched at cortical regions rich in Rho signaling in syncytial Drosophila embryos depending on the actin regulator Dia and Rho kinase.

Summary: Sorting of endocytic cargo to the multivesicular body is accompanied by endosomal maturation. Here, we provide a potential mechanism by which these two processes are linked.

Summary: We report that a conserved novel gene, Fam209, is essential for sperm development in the mouse. The phenotype seen in the absence of Fam209 mimics that of defective sperm in some infertile men.


Summary: An engineered CRISPR-Cas9 system for simultaneous genome editing and organellar visualization in Cyanidioschyzon merolae can be used to investigate the function of any gene at organellar resolution.

Summary: Description of a functional hydrogel-based blood-vessel-on-a-chip model that enables detailed analysis of the complete leukocyte transendothelial migration process in real time.


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