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Summary: An overview of our current understanding of cargo transport through the NPC, from the basic transport signals and machinery to more emerging aspects, all from a cargo perspective.


Summary: A discussion of the diverse cell biological roles of autophagy that promote and suppress metastatic progression in cancer.

Summary: This Review summarizes our current knowledge about mRNA distribution and local translation in astrocytes.


Highlighted Article: Double-knockout of CDC14A and CDC14B in human RPE1 cells reveals that there is no redundancy masking a function in mitotic progression; instead, these phosphatases are involved in processes such as ciliogenesis.


Highlighted Article: APC control of intestinal epithelia structure and function is regulated through three independent effector pathways specifying cell proliferation, epithelial morphology and intracellular organisation.

Summary: PLEKHG4B, a Rho-guanine nucleotide exchange factor, is required for actin cytoskeletal remodeling during epithelial cell–cell junction maturation through regulating myosin activity.

Summary: Lysosomal agents uncouple ER Ca2+-release from store-operated Ca2+ entry, predominantly by inhibiting Stim1 oligomerization and its activation of Orai.

Highlighted Article: Hydrostatic pressure promotes chondrocyte quiescence and immature chondrocyte state through reducing the amount of H3K9me3-marked heterochromatin.

Summary: This study provides insight into how the cell cycle is regulated during the EMT and why a decrease in α-TAT1 and Ac-α-Tub promotes silicosis fibrosis.

Summary: Pmk1 regulates Pck2 recruitment into stress granules (SGs) upon heat stress, which intercepts MAPK signaling activation, indicating that SGs sequester active Pck2 in a feedback mechanism.

Summary: A novel mechanism revealing the role of the actin cytoskeleton in Wnt signalosome assembly, defining Daam2 as a hub for coordinating the action of PIP5K and the Rho GTPase Rac1.

Summary: OptoSRC allows control of SRC signaling with high spatio-temporal resolution, revealing new functions of SRC oligomers and key features of SRC signal encoding and decision-making activity.

Summary: The single TNF-R homologue in the cnidarian Hydra is related to human EDAR, involved in cell differentiation and not part of a FADD-dependent death pathway.

Summary: Endocytosis of many cell surface proteins is triggered following glucose starvation, with recovery from starvation mediated by a small fraction of nutrient transporters preserved at the surface in eisosomes.

Highlighted Article: Deletion of the localisation element disrupts asymmetric crb mRNA localisation in epithelia without affecting Crb protein localisation, and impairs crb mRNA transport to the oocyte.

Summary: A genome-wide analysis of SetDB1 was matched to the profile of Su(var)3-9 in order to decipher the functional specialization of these two H3K9-specific Drosophila methyltransferases.

Summary: A novel fusion machinery comprising EFA6A, Arf6 and Arl13B controls the coordinated fusion of ciliary vesicles docked at the distal appendages of the mother centriole.



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