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Summary: We report on the Autophagy, Inflammation and Metabolism Center eSymposium 2020 for early career investigators (ECIs), describe its impact on ECI careers and provide a post-pandemic world meetings formula.


Summary: This Review explores the in vivo roles of mitophagy in mammals, focusing on the best-studied examples – mitophagy in neurodegeneration, cardiomyopathy, metabolism and red blood cell development – to draw out common themes.


Summary: The Tem1 GTPase, which is critical for mitotic exit and cytokinesis, is doubly inactivated at the end of mitosis by the Amn1 protein.


Summary: The collagen receptor DDR2, a receptor tyrosine kinase, exhibits tyrosine kinase-independent functions that influence paracrine regulation of breast tumor cell invasion and breast cancer metastasis.

Summary: High-content screening of an epidermolysis bullosa simplex cell model identifies inhibition of EGFR signalling as a mechanism that can reduce mutant keratin aggregate formation and improve intercellular cohesion.

Highlighted Article: DJC31 and DJC62 localize to the ER where they interact with cytosolic HSP70 and HSP90. Their loss in Arabidopsis results in sensitivity to osmotic stress and abscisic acid.

Summary: By analyzing S6 kinase in fission yeast, we have demonstrated that the TOR signaling (TOS) motif-mediated substrate recognition by TOR complex 1 is conserved from yeast to humans.

Summary: We describe an imaging-based assay to detect protein–protein interactions in fission yeast that can be used for cytosolic proteins, nuclear proteins and components of multiprotein complexes.

Summary: The DNA synthesis machinery is essential to repair the low levels of DNA damage induced by ROS in oocyte reserve.

Highlighted Article: Resumption of polarized Cdc42 activation at growth sites depends on a cell-cycle cue. This is facilitated by the loss of a Cdc42 GAP, Rga4, from growth sites at the end of cell division.

Summary: The assembly of the AP1 adaptor complex is a highly orchestrated process controlled by AAGAB.


Highlighted Article: We demonstrate that ptychographic hard X-ray tomography is a powerful scanning tool that can image retina tissue at sub-200 nm resolution for analysis of neural degeneration processes.

Highlighted Article: We describe an assay that enables live-cell imaging of the autophagic turnover and degradation of inducible protein aggregates in conjugation with key players in the autophagy pathway.

Summary: An open-source Python library for accessing a range of hardware devices used in microscopy.

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