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Summary: Formation of axonemal dynein assembly factories in the cytoplasm of multiciliated cells may be a direct consequence of the spatiotemporal scale and complexity of the process.


Summary: This Review highlights recent developments in tissue clearing and 3D imaging, with a focus on the localization and quantification of immune cells.

Summary: This Review expands our knowledge and contributes to research focusing on the role of TFEB in host-pathogen relationships and the feasibility of TFEB as a drug target.


Summary: Tumour cell surface CD99 regulates metastatic progression in vivo and inhibits the transendothelial migration of cancer cells by regulating the Rho GTPase CDC42 and actin remodelling.

Summary: A patient-derived colon cancer-specific miR signature is silenced in normal tissues and becomes deregulated during DNA damage, thereby repressing DNA damage response factors in colon cancer.

Summary: Identification of a pathway involving the yeast RNA-binding protein Puf5 that ensures maintenance of correct mRNA levels when chromatin alterations lead to changes in nascent transcription.


Summary: Differential gene regulation in DAPT-treated Hydra reveals candidate direct Notch signalling targets during interstitial cell differentiation and formation of the oral-aboral axis in Hydra.

Summary: Different patterns of mucin expression throughout the cell cycle, cross-pathway regulation and proteins that function at the septin ring regulate a MAPK pathway that coordinates differentiation to filamentous growth in yeast.

Summary: A new crucial role for YAP as a co-activator of early pathological TGFβ-mediated endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition program and characterization of the underlying molecular mechanism.

Summary: Elongated endothelial cells express TAGLN. Loss of TAGLN inhibits cell migration, but not proliferation, and causes excessive vascular formation. TAGLN is a novel negative regulator of angiogenesis.

Summary: Keratin 8 (K8) mutant transgenic mice are highly susceptible to acute or chronic lung injury compared with control mice. K8 mutations may predispose to lung injury in transgenic mice.

Highlighted Article: Attenuated endosome–vacuole fusion in response to V-ATPase dysfunction rescues ILV cargo sorting in yeast that lack PI(3,5)P2 or Doa4, suggesting a coordination between ILV cargo sorting and the membrane fusion machinery.

Summary: Centromere enrichment of the methyltransferases Suv39 and Suv420 compromises localization of Aurora B kinase and corrupts mitotic chromosome segregation.

Highlighted Article: LITAF is an endosomal monotopic membrane protein that is mutated in Charcot Marie Tooth disease type 1C. We show that LITAF is important for endosomal recycling through supporting the scission of recycling tubules.


Summary: Rab GTPases are critical regulators of intracellular trafficking. Here, we show that Rab1 and Rab11 localize to secretory granule membranes and regulate granule size during maturation in Drosophila salivary glands.


Highlighted Article: Procedure for isolation of recombinant human septin octamers with distinct SEPT9 isoforms, and demonstration of how octamers with either a long or a short SEPT9 isoform form filaments and directly cross-link actin filaments.

Highlighted Article: Fiber technology can be used to study the chromatin of DNA repeats. We show analysis of chromatin fibers using super-resolution microscopy and introduce a computational tool to map DNA fiber methylation.

Highlighted Article: Development of an engineered kinesin motor platform that can be used to study kinesin–cargo interaction and manipulate polarized cargo trafficking, to provide an adaptable tool to study kinesin motor proteins in neurons.

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