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Summary: A discussion of the roles of the spindle midzone, a microtubule-containing structure that connects the two half-spindles during mitosis, contributes to chromosome segregation and specifies the location of cytokinetic furrowing.


Summary: Spatiotemporally regulated posttranslational modifications of light intermediate chain subunits could modulate the diverse functional spectrum of cytoplasmic dynein through selective adaptor engagement.


Summary: We survey mechanisms for regulating crossover interference during meiosis, and review how studies of phase separation, DNA repair and pan-nuclear signaling may resolve longstanding mysteries in the field.


Summary: The nuclear scaffold protein lamin A/C modulates nuclear stiffness, and heterogeneous lamin A/C density leads to diverse nuclear strain under stress.


Highlighted Article: Endocytic delivery to lysosomes by kiss and run/membrane fusion entails pore formation commencing at the edge of tether arrays, and demonstrates SNARE redundancy and compensation.

Highlighted Article: Chemically induced MT asters interacting with kinesin-5 motors spontaneously form optimal packing patterns in vivo. A computational model reproduces the experimental patterns and predicts their scaling.

Highlighted Article: Seh1 and Nup43, although dispensable in pluripotent mouse ESCs, are required for normal cell growth, viability upon differentiation and maintenance of proper nuclear pore complex density.

Summary: We identify the interacting partners of the ZαβDAI–RNA complex in vivo and show that their translocation to stress granules is mainly mediated by the nucleic acid-binding ability of the Zα domains.

Highlighted Article: The heat shock induces the translocation of long noncoding RNA MALAT1 from nuclear speckles to a heat-inducible noncoding RNA-containing nuclear body (HiNoCo body).

Summary: Nitrogen-dependent localization of S. pombe Ght5 on the cell surface is maintained by TORC2, which inhibits α-arrestin Aly3-dependent ubiquitylation and subsequent vacuolar translocation of Ght5.

Summary: PRSS37 interactome analysis showed that PRSS37 specifically modulates PDILT and ADAM3 interaction, which is a prerequisite for ADAM3 transport from the endoplasmic reticulum to the germ cell surface.

Summary: Ultrastructural identification of specialized recycling endosomes that contain Hedgehog and sustain physiological Hedgehog activity for patterning and tissue growth in the wing disc.

Summary: Recruitment of the host cell Golgi by the parasitophorous vacuolar membrane of Plasmodium berghei is crucial for optimal pre-erythrocytic development. The interaction is accompanied by parasite-induced formation of miniaturized host cell Golgi.

Summary: An in-depth cellular and molecular characterization of myosin XIX (Myo19)-deficient cells reveals that different cellular and molecular processes are linked to mitochondrial dynamics regulated by Myo19.

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