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Summary: This Cell Science at a Glance article focuses on membrane trafficking events in retinal pigment epithelial cells, which are uniquely specialised to fulfil the multiple functions of this epithelium in supporting vision.


Summary: BAF (BANF1) orchestrates key cellular processes including cell division, repair of nuclear ruptures, and anti-viral intrinsic immunity.


Summary: Transient interaction between RhoU and ITSN2 on a subset of vesicles regulates cargo recycling.

Highlighted Article: Identification of over 50 disc-associated proteins associated with the ventral disc in G. lamblia, two of which mediate microtubule hyperstability or limit microtubule dynamics.

Summary: CTR1 (SLC31A1) is the only known mammalian importer of copper. We show that CTR1 is a retromer complex cargo protein, and that retromer is required for cellular sensitivity to extracellular copper.

Summary: The lncRNA MEG3 mediates renal cell cancer progression. MEG3 regulates ST3Gal1 expression through interaction with the c-Jun transcription factor, with downstream effects on EGFR sialylation and PI3K–AKT signaling.

Summary: Like mesenchymal cells, lymphocytes perform adhesive haptotaxis, although adhesion is dispensable for amoeboid migration. Moreover, unlike mesenchymal cells, lymphocytes display a unique ability to follow decreasing gradients of adhesion.

Highlighted Article: An acidic patch in the kinetochore-targeting domain of CENP-E is required for association with the C terminus of BubR1 at kinetochores to facilitate chromosome alignment during mitosis.

Summary: GDF5 mutants were used to investigate the role of BMPR1A and BMPR1B in chondrogenesis and osteogenesis. We found that BMPR1A is necessary for chondrogenesis and osteogenesis, and BMPR1B prevents hypertrophy.

Summary: Coincidence detection of phosphorylated and ubiquitylated cargo-specific regions is used for epsin target recognition among multiple ubiquitylated proteins in yeast.

Highlighted Article: ER transmembrane protein TMEM147 impacts on cellular cholesterol homeostasis via physical and functional interactions with LBR and DHCR, two key sterol reductases in cholesterol biosynthesis.

Highlighted Article: A 3D structure of the Chlamydomonas flagella radial spoke was obtained using single particle cryo-EM. Combined with cross-linking mass spectrometry and biophysics data, this allowed localization of components in the radial spoke head and neck regions.

Highlighted Article: The absence of Pex24 or Pex32, two Hansenula polymorpha ER proteins, disturbs peroxisome–ER contact sites and leads to multiple peroxisomal defects, which can be restored using an artificial tether protein.

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