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Summary: Actin-mediated membrane protrusions directly drive the dynamic remodeling of VE-cadherin at endothelial junctions. We review the adaptation of cell contact dynamics at the subcellular level.

Summary: Quiescent yeast cells display a plethora of individual properties that evolve with time. Here, we discuss recent findings and emerging concepts in Saccharomyces cerevisiae quiescent cell biology.


Summary: Manipulation of host SUMOylation by Salmonella Typhimurium governs the function of master regulator RAB7, a phenomenon with implications in intracellular pathogenesis and inflammatory diseases of the gut.

Highlighted Article: Matrix stiffness modulates OSCC cell migration similarly to that of other epithelial carcinomas but by using a different focal-adhesion-mediated mechanism.

Highlighted Article: Ultrastructural alterations of lipid droplets in cells lacking the lipid droplet coat protein PLIN2 correlate with impaired infectious hepatitis C virus particle and lipoprotein production.

Summary: FGFR1 clustering is differentially regulated by the two ligands NCAM and FGF2 in live cells, as revealed by number of molecules and brightness (N&B) analysis.

Summary: Endothelial cell-specific receptor Robo4 interacts with TRAF7 to stabilize VE-cadherin at endothelial cell junctions, and suppress endothelial hyperpermeability induced by inflammatory stimuli.

Highlighted Article: The mitochondrial phosphatidylserine decarboxylase Psd1 is required for mitophagy induced by nitrogen starvation but not that induced by stationary phase growth.

Summary: c-Abl is an important tyrosine kinase that regulates various cell functions. We provide the first evidence that Sp1 regulates c-Abl transcription. Conversely, c-Abl modulates Sp1 via ERK1/2.

Summary: Using multiple approaches, we demonstrate that MAGEA1 has regulatory effects on BORIS via methylation of its promoter. These findings have implications for the function of cancer testis antigen genes in cancer cells.

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