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Summary: This Cell Science at a Glance article reviews the intra- and extracellular activities of carbohydrate-binding galectin proteins, and discusses their physiological roles in inflammation, immune response, cell migration, autophagy and signalling.


Summary: We propose a new concept, the actin code, which encompasses the regulation of the essential functions of mammalian actins at the nucleotide level, rather than at the level of amino acids.


Summary: A feedback loop involving dynamic shifts of the global chromatin landscape and transcriptional activity is triggered to offset the inductive impact imposed by overexpression of Trx H3K4 methylase in Drosophila.

Summary: RCAN2 is a centriolar protein with roles in ciliary length control and can compensate for loss of function of giantin.


Summary:T. brucei has two TCTP genes that are differentially expressed during the parasite life cycle owing to their different 3′UTRs. TCTP also has a role in regulating cell growth and morphology.

Summary:In vivo dynamics during zygotic genome activation of transcription factor II H and the effect of its absence in the early Drosophila embryo.

Highlighted Article: HSF1 regulates cellular senescence through the MDM2-p53-p21 pathway in human diploid fibroblasts, which is partly mediated by expression of the putative MDM2 inhibitor DHRS2.

Summary: A transmembrane fragment of the cell adhesion molecule L1 is imported into neuronal mitochondria, and is important for regulation of mitochondrial metabolism, fusion, fission and trafficking.

Summary: Sema3C, previously believed to require receptors of the neuropilin family to repel migrating cells, can also repel cells following binding to a complex of plexin-A4 and plexin-D1.

Summary: Spatio-temporal dynamics of MAPK mediate the interaction of fusing Neurospora crassa cells, which communicate by taking turns in signal sending and receiving.

Summary: The relay of cAMP signals is essential for streaming during Dictyostelium chemotaxis. We report the dynamic enrichment and translation of the mRNA encoding adenylyl cyclase A at the back of cells during this process.

Summary: Mutant mice harbouring a severe loss-of-function mutation in Gja1, encoding Cx43, that is associated with the human-linked disease oculodentodigital dysplasia, leads to severe hearing loss and central auditory defects.

Summary: The Joubert syndrome protein ARL13B binds tubulin to maintain uniform distribution of proteins along the ciliary membrane.

Highlighted Article: The nucleoporin Seh1 is essential for the association of both the GATOR2 complex and the nucleoporin Nup153, but not the Nup107 complex, with mitotic chromosomes.

Summary: The RNA helicase DDX5 is a novel component of heterogeneous complexes containing Mbp mRNA, regulating post-transcriptional expression of MBP levels and isoform ratios in oligodendrocytes.


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