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Summary: This article highlights current progress on the role of the bone marrow microenvironment in health and disease.


Summary: iPSC may be a new source for obtaining hematopoietic stem cells. Here, we discuss the challenges involved in reprogramming, and the role of microRNA in iPSC generation and HSC differentiation.

Summary: We review how the interplay between miRNA-based gene silencing of mRNAs and alternative splicing of pre-mRNAs are crucial post-transcriptional mechanisms that occur in liquid-like compartments to regulate cellular stress response.


Summary: Using new methods of serial-section electron microscopy, the axonal ER is found to consist of unusually narrow tubules compared with ER tubules in other cells.

Summary: Myo7a promotes tumor cell migration and metastasis in melanoma cells in a role that is distinct from the role it normally plays in specialized ciliated cells.

Highlighted Article: Septin proteins, which form cytoskeletal filaments and bind membranes, are required for efficient assembly of functional autophagic structures in budding yeast cells.

Highlighted Article: Tissues can sense external mechanical forces. By using a microfluidic compression device, we found that Ca2+ is an important messenger during the early phase of mechanical sensation, and regulates RhoA activity.

Highlighted Article: Centriole elimination in the developing Drosophila eye is preceded by the gradual loss of the pericentriolar material.

Highlighted Article: 3D correlative light and electron microscopy (3D-CLEM) reveals that replicative Brucella-containing vacuoles (rBCVs) are continuous with the ER, indicating that the pathogen replicates inside bona fide host ER.

Summary: Rapid condensin depletion reveals that different condensin levels are required for mitotic chromosome architecture and segregation. Condensin is not required for chromatin volume compaction during mitosis.

Summary: OSTF1 is a novel interaction partner for RP2, and this interaction is disrupted by a human pathogenic mutation in RP2. This provides a new link between RP2-associated pathogenesis and actin dynamics.

Summary: Inflachromene functions as an autophagy suppressor that inhibits HMGB1 nucleocytoplasmic translocation and enhances Beclin 1 degradation by interacting with RNF216 E3 Ub ligase, and could be a therapeutic factor for autophagy-related diseases.

Highlighted Article: Cerebral ischemia in situ impairs functional maturation of neurons derived from embryonic neural stem cells and boosts differentiation of embryonic stem cells into a glial cell type.

Summary: FGF2-dependent primary salivary mesenchyme and laminin-111 provide niche functions in salivary organoids to promote epithelial morphogenesis and expression of the early secretory proacinar markers Kit and AQP5.

Summary: ADAM17 mediates fibrosis in diabetic kidney disease. The ADAM17 C-terminus and its phosphorylation at two sites are crucial for enzyme activation and the profibrotic response to high glucose.

Summary: Both N- and O-glycan processing modulate MSC differentiation early during osteogenesis to influence mineral formation. Inhibition of N-glycan processing increases mineralization.

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