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Summary: This Review provides a comprehensive overview of how MRTF regulates cell migration in physiological and pathological contexts by utilizing its canonical SRF-dependent and SRF-independent modes of action.

Summary: This review highlights the recent advances of how the ubiquitin-proteasome system and autophagy can be coordinated by p62-dependent phase separation reactions.


Summary: The multimodular arrestin-related protein AdcC from Dictyostelium responds to a calcium increase by translocating to the plasma membrane in a C2- and SAM domain-dependent manner.

Summary: Removal of RSPH6A via CRISPR/Cas9 results in short-tailed immotile spermatozoa and loss of fertilizing ability in male mice.

Highlighted Article: Gene-modification experiments in mice show that co-expression of the testis-specific sperm membrane proteins CMTM2A and CMTM2B is required for fertilization.

Highlighted Article: Rab11 and Rab8 act to increase the number of TNT-connected cells and the propagation of vesicles between cells in co-culture. These two Rab GTPases act in a cascade, where Rab11 activates Rab8 to form TNTs through VAMP3.

Summary: This work characterizes the mechanisms of formation of a novel type of stress granule that is induced in response to long-term starvation and, unlike previously described stress granules, functions in a pro-death capacity.

Highlighted Article: Here, we show that tetraspanin CD37 directly interacts with CLEC-2 in the membrane of dendritic cells, to control dendritic cell migration and podoplanin-induced contractility in lymph node stromal cells.


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