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Summary: Accurate chromosome segregation during cell division relies on attachments between the kinetochores and mitotic spindle microtubules. Here, we discuss the critical players at the kinetochore–microtubule interface.


Summary: Induction of BIM and BMF function in metastatic breast cancer can aid current treatment strategies.


Summary: All IP3 receptor subtypes can generate Ca2+ puffs, suggesting that these coordinated openings of clustered IP3Rs are the building blocks of all IP3-evoked Ca2+ signals.

Summary: The membrane phospholipid PIP2, and the kinase that produces PIP2, called Skittles, are needed for normal ciliary transition zone morphology and function in the Drosophila male germline.

Summary: Integrins signal through Git and Pak to downregulate filopodia when muscles reach their target attachment site in Drosophila.


Summary: Cytokinetic contractile rings assemble normally in fission yeast without the signaling cascade called the septation initiation network, but the rings are unstable, so cytokinesis fails and cells often lyse.

Summary: A characterization of fission yeast temperature-sensitive mutants of the putative ceramide-conjugation protein Cwh43, is presented in order to explore its relevance to utilization of glucose, nitrogen source and lipids.

Summary: A genome-wide analysis in stationary phase yeast cells identifies 307 granule-forming proteins and reveals the protein quality control function of a reversible Hsp42-associated granule.

Summary: We explore the importance of periosteal progenitors, an understudied bone-forming cell population, in juvenile skeletal development. Primary cilia are required for these cells to generate bone normally.

Summary: The role of actin in epithelial repair is explored in experiments using gastric organoids, demonstrating that initial actin polymerization in the lateral membrane is of primary importance for initiation of repair.

Summary: A novel unstructured motif embedded within the C-terminal domain of the NAD+-dependent protein deacetylase SIRT1 is permissive for cathepsin B docking and subsequent cleavage of SIRT1.

Summary: Characterization of stress granule formation, including relationships with processing bodies or actin filaments, in Arabidopsis thaliana by combining live imaging and electron microscopy analysis.

Highlighted Article: Cholera toxin inhibits the exocytosis function of the SNX27-retromer complex, thereby inhibiting cargo trafficking to the PM.

Summary: We identify a functional interaction between Pcnt and Syne-2, which is required for centrosomal and nuclear attachment, and photoreceptor outer segment formation.

Summary: Integrin-dependent cell-matrix adhesion activates Arf1, which then recruits dynein to regulate Golgi organization and function along the microtubule network.

Highlighted Article: A variant in the yeast E1 ubiquitin activating enzyme illustrates the contrasting roles of ubiquitylation in regulating Aurora B protein stability and in maintaining PP1 phosphatase activity and localization.

Summary: There is a general role for SHIP2 in the control of cell migration in breast cancer cells, and this protein acts through a mechanism that involves PI(3,4)P2 as a secondary messenger.

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