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Summary: A summary of the composition, architecture, mechanics and function of the cellular actin cortex, which determines the shape of animal cells, and, thus, provides the foundation for cell and tissue morphogenesis.


Summary: This Review discusses eukaryotic chromosome segregation in the light of biological diversity, covering a number of experimental approaches used in comparative biology studies.


Summary: β4 integrin associates with vimentin at the periphery of migrating epithelial cells, and such β4 integrin–vimentin complexes support signaling through Rac1, leading to directed cell migration.

Summary: A positive feedforward control loop mediated by the inhibition of nuclear phosphatase activity endows striatal neuron with a supersensitive and all-or-nothing responsiveness to transient dopamine signals.

Summary: Distinct energy metabolism pathways act during mouse skeletal muscle stem cell commitment and differentiation in different physiological states.

Summary: PAI1 inhibits the effects of tissue-type plasminogen activator on cell signaling and physiology mediated by the NMDA receptor. The mechanism of PAI1 activity involves targeting of tPA to the endocytic receptor LRP1.

Highlighted Article: Proteasomal stress promotes the recruitment of small protein aggregates to perinuclear aggresomes through the activation of p38γ and p38δ.

Summary: In high-glucose conditions, nociceptive neurons are sensitised through the actions of HMGB1 acting though RAGE and PKC. This sensitisation is blocked by a VEGF-A splice variant.

Highlighted Article: Pharmacological and physiological activation of AMPK promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition in cancer cells through Twist1 upregulation and its increased nuclear localization.

Summary: Prmt5 methylates H4R3 of the Bmp4 chromatin symmetrically, which in turn suppresses canonical BMP signaling to regulate lung branching morphogenesis.

Highlighted Article: Cell polarity in fission yeast is regulated by two different Cdc42 guanine nucleotide exchange factors, coordinated by the microtubule-dependent landmark system.

Summary: Annexin secretion involves protein translocation across membrane that is facilitated by transbilayer lipid movement.

Summary: ORP4L localization to contact sites between the Golgi and endoplasmic reticulum involves interaction with OSBP and PI(4)P, and is required for organelle structure and PI(4)P content.

Highlighted Article: The anaphase-promoting complex has a novel and unexpected role during myoblast fusion.




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